Student Agent just started 23/11/2009 in Kharkov Ukraine.  Before the company started,we have successfully brought different student from around Africa e.g Nigeria,Uganda,Ethiopia,Tanzania,Kenya,Cameroon e.t.c. And outside Africa, we have successfully brought 200 students from some Arabian countries. Student agent's desire is to see that students around the world are globally educated. And we believe that  students are the futures of tomorrow.

Student agent

We are working for enrolments of International students in Ukrainian Universities.

In today’s world the urge to take admissions in Universities and Colleges is getting high among the students.

But due to stiff competitions, high financial involvement and some government policies (reservations etc.), it is getting tough and costly, day by day, for a student, to take admission in Professional Universities. We have come up with the solution of these problems.

We came into action at that time of life when the students need it the most. We can help you find the most affordable courses/courses in the best Universities of Ukraine.

We provide you with a list of Universities of Ukraine to choose from. Once you choose the University and the desired courses/courses, we tell you about the admission procedures, fee structure etc.

Further we arrange an Invitation letter from the University, countersigned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

We further assist you to get the confirmation letter from the Ukrainian Universities to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country, Student Visa to Ukraine and Registration in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the best platforms for education, business and tourism.

To get the best and affordable education in Ukraine contact us through the mail.